The Ruth Gorse Academy, as its central mission, focuses on ensuring that young people enjoy access to a truly inspirational secondary academy.

The Ruth Gorse Academy strives to provide inspirational education for all students irrespective of their background or experience. Through exposure to outstanding teaching, the expectation of impeccable behaviour, and a consistent focus on building resilience; we aim to prepare all students with the skills and characteristics required to thrive personally, professionally and within society. This was recognised recently by Ofsted who graded the academy as Outstanding July 2017.

The values that underpin our vision focus on three key concepts:

  • High Expectations
  • High Aspirations
  • Personalised Approach

Our mission statement sums up the aspiration of our academy: ‘Dare to achieve beyond what you are today’.  We take our inspiration from a beloved member of our teaching community at The Morley Academy, Ruth Gorse, who tragically died at just 35 years of age and who was an enormously important figure in The Morley Academy’s journey from inadequacy to exceptional levels of performance.

We believe that the establishment of a Free School in the southern part of Leeds city centre offers great opportunity to families currently living in communities within and around that area.  It is also our vision that The Ruth Gorse Academy will initiate and act as a catalyst for further regeneration in the southern part of Leeds city centre.

How the vision and values manifest themselves within our academy can be demonstrated through the culture we create. The characteristics of our success will be:

  • Creating an environment which is free from cynicism and unwilling to put limits on what our students can achieve.
  • Putting students first, investing in staff and working in partnership with our community.
  • Excelling in all that we do and removing barriers to achievement.
  • Recognising our professional responsibility to fulfil individual potential through outstanding teaching, rich opportunities for learning, and encouragement and support.
  • Being highly inclusive, having complete regard for the educational progress, personal development and well-being of every student.
  • Linking our approach to learning to secure high standards of literacy, numeracy and digital literacy.
  • Enabling learners to be self motivated so that they excel in both independent and collaborative work.
  • Debating and developing our values and beliefs to embrace and celebrate difference; building confidence and self-worth.
  • Working together as a community to make learning enjoyable, exciting and inspirational.
  • Recognising the significance of respect, integrity, honesty and good judgement and high standards of discipline and behaviour.
  • Showing our responsibility for others through our compassion, courage and determination to change things for the better.