The student planner is an essential part of every student’s equipment. It is imperative that a student brings their planner with them to the academy every day and always carries it with them.

The planner is mainly used to record homework and PD but it also holds vital information about the academy including the systems in place and expectations.

The planner is a vital tool for communicating with parents / carers and we would encourage parents / carers to regularly check the student planner. All students are issued with a planner at the start of the academic year (or when they join). If a student defaces or loses their planner they will be required to buy a new one at a cost of £7.00. The student planner provides you with a range of resources designed to strengthen the partnership between you, your child and The Ruth Gorse Academy.

For example, toward the back of the student planner there are the assessment pages (in yellow) and the Linking Learning sections. The assessment pages provide a record of the individual conversations that students have with their teachers. Parents / carers are recommended to read these to gain an in-depth understanding of their child’s progress and targets in each subject. The subject support pages towards the back of the planner are really helpful for all students providing key information that can be used across a range of subjects such as; a range of connectives, successful note taking and geographical maps.

To make the best use of the Student Planner:

Every Week

  1. Discuss your child’s homework with them and provide support where necessary.
  2. Sign the weekly diary pages, making sure that you have received letters and indicated that you have read them using the tick box.

Every Term

  1. Check your home contact information and inform us if updates are required. This will help us to communicate effectively with you.
  2. Discuss your child’s assessment pages (yellow) with them, taking note of what you can do to help them.
  3. Attend Parents Evenings for your child.