Uniform Purchase

If you would like to purchase uniform, you can do so from our Price and Buckland uniform shop which can be accessed via the below link.

Visit the Price and Buckland uniform shop

All students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal appearance which includes:

  • The Ruth Gorse Academy round neck, light blue jumper, with long sleeves and the school badge
  • Navy gingham shirt
  • Plain black or charcoal grey trousers
  • Black or charcoal grey knee length skirt or black or charcoal grey tailored trousers
  • Black or grey socks
  • Students are allowed to wear a watch
  • Students are permitted to wear one discreet ring per hand
  • Students are permitted to wear one earring per lobe (small stud only)
  • A navy Hijab may be worn
  • All students must wear formal, plain black leather or leather-look shoes below the ankle
  • Necklaces must not be worn (other than for faith reasons)
  • Bracelets or bands of any kind must not be worn
  • Excessive make-up is unnecessary and must not be worn
  • Nail varnish is unnecessary and must not be worn
  • Students must not have patterns or lines cut into the hair. Colourings should be subtle and of natural colours only i.e. no pinks, red, blues or purple, two tone colour patterns or dip dye. Students with inappropriate hairstyles will be placed in Isolation.

  • Colourings should be subtle and of natural colours only (i.e. no pinks, reds, blues or two tone colour patterns)
  • Denim, cords, jeans and trainers are not allowed
  • Students must not wear shoes that are decorative (e.g. diamantes), have coloured / reflective strips or logos, backless sandals, boots (above the ankle), trainers or ‘leisure’ shoes.

Please note: Outdoor garments must be removed when entering the academy building.

Further guidance can be see on our Uniform Guidance poster

Download the Uniform Guidance poster

PE Uniform

The correct PE kit must be brought to every PE lesson. If a student is excused from a PE lesson they are still required to bring their PE kit in order to participate in lessons, for example as an umpire. If students do not have the correct PE kit they will be required to borrow a PE kit in order to take part in planned activities. For cultural reasons students are able to wear navy full length tracksuit bottoms which must be plain with no stripes or logos at the teacher’s discretion.


School Jumper School Shirt PE Polo Shirt PE Shorts PE Socks PE Hoodie Tracksuit Bottoms Optional Overcoat
£17.00 £12.00 £13.00 £7.25 £5.50 £18.00 £13.25 £33.00