Further guidance can be see on our Uniform Guidance poster

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Uniform Purchase

If you would like to purchase uniform, you can do so from our Price and Buckland uniform shop which can be accessed via the below link.

Visit the Price and Buckland uniform shop
Whilst wearing the academy uniform, all students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal appearance at all times whilst in and around the academy and in the local community.
The school uniform consists of:
  • The Ruth Gorse Academy grey V-neck jumper with red trim, long sleeves and the academy logo (purchased from Price & Buckland)
  • A plain white shirt (long or short sleeved)
  • Plain black or charcoal grey trousers (not skinny fit) or a plain black or charcoal grey A line knee length skirt (not skinny fit)
  • The school tie with navy and red stripes (purchased from Price & Buckland)
  • Plain black or grey socks or tights
  • Plain black leather or leather look school shoes (below the ankle)
  • A plain black hijab
  • A plain black belt
  • The red school overcoat (purchased from Price & Buckland)
The academy PE kit must be brought to school for timetabled PE lessons and extra curricular clubs which require a change of clothing.
The PE uniform consists of:
  • The Ruth Gorse Academy sports polo
  • The Ruth Gorse Academy sports shoes
  • The Ruth Gorse Academy sports socks
  • Suitable athletic trainers designed for physical activity (pumps and converse type trainers are not suitable)
  • Navy blue straight leg tracksuit bottoms for students needing to cover their legs for religious reasons only
  • The Ruth Gorse Academy sports hoody (optional)
The PE uniform can all be purchased from Price & Buckland using the link below.
Visit the Price and Buckland uniform shop

It is an essential part of academy life that students take pride in their appearance and that this is suitable for a school environment.


Students are allowed to wear a watch (smart watches/ fitbits are not allowed), one discreet ring per hand and one earring per earlobe – small stud only. These must be removed for PE. No other piercings are allowed. Students are not permitted to wear necklaces and bracelets/bands (other than for faith reasons), however, students are allowed to wear one charity band.

It has been a long established rule that all items of jewellery are removed before taking part in any PE lessons/activities. Failing to remove items of jewellery could result in students sustaining an injury which could be avoided. To this end, students need to be able to remove items of jewellery, such as earrings, before taking part in PE lessons/activities. As a consequence, this does mean that if students are wanting to have their ears pierced, this must be carried out during the summer holiday to allow for the healing process to take place. If students have their ears pierced at any other time of the year, they will still need to remove the items of jewellery as directed by the teacher.

Make Up

Appropriate make-up is allowed and is defined as foundation (appropriate to the student’s skin tone), black or brown mascara which should be worn discreetly, a small amount of neutral eye shadow if required. No eyeliner, blusher or bronzer is to be worn. If make-up does not comply with academy policy then the student will be sent to their Pastoral Support Officer/ Student Services and will be required to wash it off – a negative comment will be issued.

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes and/or extensions are not permitted.


False / acrylic nails are not permitted.Students who come to school with false/acrylic nails will be placed into isolation until they can have them removed. Coloured nail varnish is not permitted, students wearing coloured varnish will be sent to student services to remove it and a negative comment will be issued.


Students must not have patterns or lines cut into the hair. Colourings should be subtle and of natural colours only i.e. no pinks, red, blues or purple, two tone colour patterns or dip dye. Students with inappropriate hairstyles will be placed in Isolation.