The standard of behaviour and conduct of students at The Ruth Gorse Academy is of the highest importance, and we are committed to ensuring that all students display mature, responsible and respectful characteristics as young ambassadors of our Academy.

As you will be aware, the provision of transport to and from The Ruth Gorse Academy has been arranged for students at no charge to families and this remains a privilege until our relocation to Black Bull Street, central Leeds in September 2016.

It is extremely disappointing that following a number of incidents on our Academy buses we have taken serious action and withdrawn the provision of transport for a number of students who, as a consequence, have been required to find alternative schools or sought their own transport arrangements.

I write to you to reinforce the expectations for students travelling on our buses and make clear that should your son/daughter fail to comply with the expectations, policies or procedures outlined in this letter, the privilege will be removed with immediate effect.


  • When students board the bus, they must find their seat and where provided, fasten their seat belt;
  • Students must remain in their seat until the bus has stopped at their allocated bus stop;
  • Students must not move around on the bus while it is in motion;
  • While students will talk and socialize, they must not use excessive noise, swear or use other inappropriate language;
  • Students are permitted to use mobile phones, but under no circumstances should they record or share images of other students or adults;
  • Students are permitted to eat and drink on the bus, but this should not be excessive;
  • All litter should be placed in the bins provided on the bus or disposed of once students arrive at their destination;
  • When waiting for, or leaving the bus students must behave in a mature, responsible and respectful manner, ensuring they act as ambassadors for The Ruth Gorse Academy at all times when in the community.


  • A small number of students have been allocated specific seats or areas to sit on the bus. Students must remain in these seats for all journeys unless instructed differently;
  • Each bus is allocated a bus supervisor for the afternoon journey from the Academy. Their role is to supervise behaviour and low level behaviour incidents;
  • Each bus is provided with bus incident forms, to be completed by the bus supervisor and/or driver as a means of reporting incidents of inappropriate, poor or unsafe behaviour. Reports are handed to a member of senior staff each morning who deals with the incident accordingly;
  • Under no circumstances should a parent/carer, family member or adult board the bus without permission;
  • The owner of the bus company is in weekly contact with The Ruth Gorse Academy to report any further concerns.

Delay and Emergency Procedures:

  • All buses have been issued with an emergency action plan, should the bus break down or any significant incidents occur. This includes immediately contacting the Academy, who then send a text message to all parents/carers of students on the bus involved and mobilising staff to the scene. In more serious situations, the Police will be informed and support the incident;
  • In the case of a breakdown or emergency situation, students must remain seated on the bus until provided with further instruction. Under no circumstances should students leave the bus without permission from the driver or supervisor;
  • Should a parent/carer travel to meet their son/daughter at the incident, they may take their son/daughter, but only with permission from the driver, supervisor or member of The Ruth Gorse Academy staff. In this situation, the student’s name must be recorded before they are permitted to depart with the parent/carer;
  • If a student leaves the bus without permission from the driver or supervisor, this will leave to an automatic bus transport ban;
  • In order to ensure quick and regular contact with parents/carers in such situations, parents/carers are encouraged to provide their son/daughter with a mobile phone.