At the art department in The Ruth Gorse Academy, students will develop an appreciation for a range art styles and movements, artists and craftsmen. Through their study of existing artworks the students will develop their written analysis skills. Through out each year the students will experiment with a range of media and develop their 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional art techniques.

Year 10 BTEC Art

Within year 10 students will complete the first two units of their BTEC qualification.

Students will work towards a client brief to design a piece of artwork for the café in Tropical world.

During this unit students will have the opportunity to visit the client Tropical world and research a number of artists and craftsmen.  Students will explore a wide range of techniques from, painting drawing and printing, 3D sculpture and paper craft, illustration and digital artwork in preparation for a final piece.

During this year students will develop their knowledge and skill in presenting a portfolio of work.

Art Club

During extracurricular art club students will explore art styles and techniques from different cultures. This term the club will be exploring Egyptian art. Within the sessions students will create clay jewellery and medals.