Shortly before the half-term break, our Year 10 students on the BTEC Art and Design course were lucky enough to receive a visit from the Leeds City College Creative Arts team, including the college’s artist-in-residence, Yvonne and four students from the college’s Creative Arts department currently in their final year of the BTEC L3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design, the qualification that follows on from what our students are currently studying in school!

To kick things off, Yvonne gave a demonstration of a technique called Monoprinting that our students had worked with previously, although this time adding layers of colour that could help to enhance the effect of the printing and improve the students’ existing work, built around the ‘Tropical World’ theme. Following the short demonstration, our students got stuck in to creating their own examples and with the help of the college students, were able to refine their existing designs and come up with some innovative new creations!

Following the practical session, our students had the opportunity to look through the portfolios from the BTEC L3 Extended Diploma, while the college students explained more about what had inspired their work and how the course they are currently studying had helped them to improve their skills and knowledge in Art and Design. All of our students (and staff!) were blown away by the quality of the college students’ portfolios and were interested to hear about the difference in studying Art and Design between school and college and the process of applying to college and university that many of them will be going through over the next few years.

Overall, the Creative Arts session was a fantastic experience for all of our students and we look forward to welcoming back the student volunteers from Leeds City College later in the year, when they will be assisting with mentoring and mock interviews for our Year 10 students once they begin their final year of school in September 2018!