Our ENGAGE Programme aims to support parents and carers to develop the confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding that is required to support their child in learning at home. The evenings are open to everyone and we would strongly encourage you to come along with your son/daughter.

Each ENGAGE Evening will be an opportunity to take part in fun, interactive activities that have been designed to enable you and your child in learning together. Each evening will be focussed solely on a particular subject including Science, Mathematics, Innovation Design and Drama. These sessions will take place from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. Each session will consist of a 45-minute session followed opportunities to meet and share experiences, evaluate the evening, enjoy the refreshments/evening meal provided and form new friendships.

Please look out for the letter that will be sent home in the weeks prior to each ENGAGE Evening as well as a sticker within the student planner reminding you of the time/date. In order that we can plan appropriately, we do ask that you send the reply slip back with your child to indicate both attendance and the number of family members who will be attending.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to the academy over the coming year.

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ENGAGE Events and Dates

2017 Dates

  • 26/9/17 – Attendance Engage Evening
  • 3/10/17 – Design Technology/Art Engage Evening
  • 12/10/17- Inclusion Parents Evening
  • 17/10/17 – Year 7 Informal Parents Evening
  • 2/11/17 – Year 10 Parents Evening
  • 7/11/17 – PE/Sport Engage Evening
  • 21/11/17 – Performing Arts Engage Evening
  • 28/11/17 – English Engage Evening
  • 13/12/17 – Christmas Concert

2018 Dates

  • 5/2/18 – Year 9 Options Evening
  • 22/2/18 – Year 8 Options Evening
  • 6/3/18 – Year 7 Parents Evening
  • 27/3/18 – Mathematics Engage Evening
  • 24/4/18 – Science Engage Evening
  • 23/5/18 – School Production of Oliver
  • 24/5/18 – School Production of Oliver
  • 25/5/18 – School Production of Oliver
  • 14/6/18 – Inclusion Parents Evening
  • 26/6/18 – Year 9 Parents Evening
  • 10/7/18 – Year 10 Parents Evening
  • 19/7/18 – Prize Presentation Evening