“On Monday last week, numerous student ambassadors and role models were invited to take part in an event hosted by Epiphany to teach us how to create our own LGTBQ websites. This special event took place at the Ruth Gorse Academy from period one until lunchtime.

Within the lesson, we learnt about what the specifications for creating our websites as well as learning about some of the technology behind creating the website. Furthermore, students could ask interesting questions and they could learn about why it is so important to analyse other websites. Many of the ideas for website logos came from analysing already existing logos. The pupils who took part in the event were really excited to learn about how Epiphany do their work and what considerations are needed.

After the first part of the session, the students could freely ask questions from Epiphany employees, the CEO as well as share their ideas within their selected teams. In addition, we created our mind maps about what the websites could include, based on what we’ve just learned, are there any things we will need to remember about audience, tone of voice, language or structuring for our content ideas, what might we like to write blogs about on your website and the types of news stories that could be included. Not only this, but the Ruth Gorse students had to think about the questions of “what subjects and questions will we need to provide answers to on website?” and “what kind of things will we need to explain on our websites?”

In conclusion, the pupils enjoyed their sessions especially taking notes, asking questions as well as talking to the CEO and other members of the Epiphany. Furthermore, one of the most exciting parts of the session were to share our website ideas: logos, specifications, house style and other.”

– Tamara