Extra-Curricular Activities

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All students are expected to take part in at least one extra-curricular club per week with a view to developing a broad range of skills outside of the classroom.

These activities are held after school on a Thursday and students are offered a wide range of clubs to choose from. As well as weekly extra-curricular activities, students are encouraged to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities which include trips during the school day and where appropriate, international visits. We are determined that all young people, regardless of financial circumstances, should have access to such experiences and encourage families to apply to our Supporting Achievement Fund as required for assistance.

Member of staff Club Location
Miss Baker Zumba 213 – drama studio
Miss Barker Film club G17
Mrs Bowes Coding 305
Mrs Brickwood Comic club Library
Miss Bullock Thai Boxing Rowing room
Miss Cruddace Debate G14
Mr Duckworth Wii club G8
Miss Eyre and Miss Loveday Glee Club 302
Miss Bishall Yoga – year 8 rowers Atrium
Mr Finch Fitness – year 9 and 10 rowers Outside
Miss Fullerton Reading club Library – computers
Leeds Volleyball club Volleyball – selected students Sportshall
Mrs Halford Magazine club Library
Miss Hallier Spanish games club 218
Miss Johnston Art club 210
Mrs Karadzic Art club 201
Miss Kitchen and Mrs Murray Cooking club 206
Miss Bell Cooking club 205
Miss Malik and Mr Alpin STEM 110
Mrs Mason Yoga – non rowers 102
Mr McGarth Homework 109
Miss Oates Girls Football Outside/ Netball courts
Mr Plummer Form fitness – selected students Form fitness
Mr Randel Guitar 306
Miss Rockcliffe-Wallace Shine – selected students 221
Mr Shaw Urban Grow 105
Mr Smith Junior table tennis officiating Gym 1
Mrs Coulborn Law Society 112
Miss Williamson Debate G18
Mr Woodhead Year 7 and 8 Instrumental Jam 301
Mr Turner Football – selected studnets Outside/ between school wings
Mr White Rugby MUGA
Mr Romeo Circuits Drama 212
Miss Mace Crafts 207
Mr Paterson Tv Game show G11
Miss Sanders English games club 219
Mr Tolley Cards club 107
Mr Barnes Politics G22
Miss Jackson Boardgame club G6
Mrs Cassells and Mr Davies Musical theatre production Auditerium
Miss Meek Quiz club G10
Mr Clegg Computing/ICT 304
Mr Ryding Subbuteo 118
Miss Haughton Meditition club 116
Mr Harrington Government & Politics 113
Miss Spedding Gender Studies G19
Mrs Farragher Yoga – rowers Atrerium
Mr Barker Government & Politics 113


As well as the compulsory extra-curricular activities which take place on a Thursday, the PE department offer a vast array of extra-curricular opportunities. The broad timetable enables students to pursue their individual interests, while developing their skills and confidence.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School


Circuit training – all students
Fitness club – all students
Fitness session – year 9 and 10 rowers
Multi sports – all students
Lunch Time Multi sports – all students
Gymnastics – all students.
(CRO and Sky Cuthbertson)Table Tennis – all students
Table tennis – all students
(AD)Volleyball – all students
Erg session – all students
Rowing room
(CRO)Badminton – all students
Table tennis – all students
(CRO)Volleyball – all students
After School Netball Fixtures – all years
(CRO)Girls Football practice – all years
(CO)Boys Football Fixtures – Year 7 and 8
Volleyball club – all years
(Leeds Volleyball club coaches)Girls Rugby – all years
(Leeds Rhinos coaches)Erg session – year 8 Rowers
(AF)Staff meeting Night
Elliot Hudson – Sportshall

Netball practice – Sportshall

Girls Football fixtures (All years) –

Girls Dance – all years

Boys Football Practice – Year 7 and 8 –

Compulsory Timetable

Volleyball club – selected students.

Erg session – year 9 and 10 rowers
(AF)Volleyball club – all years.
(Leeds Volleyball club coaches)