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Mr M Pearson

Mr Pearson has been teaching since 2009, having worked in four other secondaries across Leeds and Bradford before joining The Ruth Gorse Academy. He is particularly passionate about seeing young [...]


Mr P Hale

Mr Hale started teaching in a SEND school in Liverpool, following this experience he moved to Manchester where he taught across a range of subjects including Hospitality and Catering. Mr [...]


Mrs P Claxton

Mrs Claxton has spent the vast majority of her educational career as a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Hillcrest Primary Academy in Chapeltown. She is a well established [...]


Mrs C Murray

Mrs Murray re-trained to become a teacher after being cabin crew and then a shift manager at ‘Farmers Boy’ (a food production company for Morrison’s). Mrs Murray started as an [...]


Mrs L Moore

Mrs Moore started her career in fashion where she worked as both a designer and a buyer. Through her love for textiles, this led her to train to become a [...]


Mr M Cornfoot

Mr Cornfoot is now entering his fourteenth year as a teacher and has worked under Sir John Townsley for all of his career. Earlier in his career he had Assistant [...]


Mr A Moncur

Mr Moncur started his teaching career as a Newly Qualified Teacher, in 2012, at a comprehensive academy in Derby. In January 2014 he moved to The Morley Academy as Teacher [...]