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Name Role
Mr J Clegg Curriculum Leader of Computer Science / ICT
Mr A Moncur Teacher of Computer Science / ICT
Miss R Begum Teacher of IT / Computer Science

In Computing/ICT lessons we teach students all about the technology that is around them and how it impacts on their lives. We show them how to get the best out of technology and the theory behind how computers and related technologies work. The most important aspect of computer science is problem solving, an essential skill for life. Students study the design, development and analysis of software and hardware used to solve problems in a variety of business, scientific and social contexts. Because computers solve problems to serve people, there is a significant human side to computer science as well.

  • Computing is part of everything we do.
  • Expertise in computing enables you to solve complex, challenging problems.
  • Computing enables you to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Computing offers many types of lucrative careers.
  • Computing jobs are here to stay, regardless of where you are located.
  • Expertise in computing helps even if your primary career is something else.
  • Computing offers great opportunities for true creativity and innovativeness.
  • Computing has space for both collaborative work and individual effort.
  • Computing is an essential part of well-rounded academic preparation.
  • Future opportunities in computing are without boundaries.
Students are assessed at their level of competence in Computing/ICT lessons so that we can ensure that they study the areas they need to develop on. This year is spent reinforcing their core ICT skills and introducing them to more computer science than they may have study at their primary schools. They look at staying safe, computer networks and the basic building blocks of computers.
Students now start to look at computer programming in more depth and will learn about problem solving and the value of algorithms.
Students are now developing into computer scientists and they will learn about different number bases, topologies and human machine interfaces. They will start to look at programming with Python.