Curriculum: Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, students develop their creative skills to apply to a range of design briefs. Students will learn how design has developed over time and how this impacts on the way in which we live our lives. Our aim is to inspire and prepare students with a range of skills that can easily be transferred into the creative, manufacturing, computing, catering and engineering industries. This is a fully transferable subject for young people to study and we expect many of our students to go on to have successful careers in these industries.

Throughout key stage three, student participate in a variety of creative and practical activities, Students are taught the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making.

This is an introductory stage into Design and Technology and gives students the chance to develop their skills in: researching, collecting data, designing and developing their creative ideas to manufacture a finished product. Students will work towards a brief based on a specific design movement and will have to consider human factors, ergonomics and anthropometric data throughout the brief. Students will develop their practical skills, using a range of tools and equipment, to produce a final product that is fit for sale.
Students will focus on sustainability and the impacts that design can have on the environment. In particular, exploring how products have changed over time, to keep up with customer demand. Students will make magic out of the mundane, by using reclaimed and recycled materials to explore practical techniques that reinvent and upcycle products. Students will continue to explore a range of tools and equipment to produce a final product that is environmentally friendly.
Students will work on a live brief, to create a product based around smart and modern materials. Students will explore different production methods, to design and make a product that is that is commercially viable within the design industry. Students will reinforce the lesson learnt around design and will continue to develop the skills of material handling, manufacturing, food and nutrition, control, electronics, textiles and product design. These skills will both develop and prepare students for the range of GCSE’s which will be offered in this area of the academy’s curriculum, ranging from GCSE Graphic Design and a VCERT in Food and cookery.