Within the drama department here at TRGA, we strive to create a resilient and inclusive attitude to the Arts which celebrates the talents of all our students. From the moment the students step through our door, we encourage them to be the best they can be by nurturing and developing their skills and talents. Through the delivery of the drama curriculum, we ensure that all students are exposed to a range of different genres and styles with a focus on high-quality devising and performances.


Name Role
Mr Gareth Davies Curriculum Leader of Drama
Miss C Loveday Teacher of Drama


The drama and music department are working together on a Christmas concert and a lavish staging of Oliver! that will be performed in April.


Module Title Skills, Styles and Practitioners Description
Introduction to Drama and Baseline Assessment Stage discipline, characterisation, and the ability to devise and work with others. This module strives to teach students to work together as team whilst getting to know each other. They discover what is needed to create a believable character how to perform on stage in front of an audience.
The Case of Charlotte Dymond Characterisation, high quality drama and naturalism. During this module students are witness to a murder of Charlotte Dymond and have to discover who responsible for her murder. Students develop their knowledge of how to create a believable character through a variety of characterisation skills and then transfer these onto the stage. They learn what is meant by the term naturalism with the main focus on high quality drama.
The Morning Routine Physical Theatre – weight transference, contact, devising and support. This module teaches students what is meant by the term Physical Theatre through the story of what they do on a day to day basis on a morning. They discover the skills needed to create high quality physical theatre and then transfer these onto the stage.
Characterisation Characterisation – monologue different from themselves. Students in this module learn what a monologue is and the importance of performing on their own. They then create a character which is different from themselves focusing on how you write the monologue and how you perform a monologue.
Module Title Skills, Styles and Practitioners Description
Masked Theatre The rules of mask work, passing the focus, devising and stock characters. During this module students are introduced to the rules of mask work, they then have to follow these rules through a variety of performance in which students get the opportunities to create a variety of performance wearing an assortment of different masks.
Atford Grange Naturalism and Abstract Drama, Artaud and Devising. Throughout this module students become inmates of Atford Grange (a young offender’s institute), within Atford Grange they focus on the difference between Naturalistic and Abstract acting and how you can incorporate both styles of performance together.
Silent Movies Exaggeration, humour and comedy. This module strives to teach students about Silent Movies giving students the opportunity to use exaggeration and humour within a performance. They learn the history of silent movies and how you would create a silent movie before devising and performing their own.
Module Title Skills, Styles and Practitioners Description
Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare, script work, proxemics and stage combat. During this module students are introduced to work of William Shakespeare. Students will have the opportunity to perform abstracts from Romeo and Juliet focusing on the different relationships between the characters. They will also be exposed to stage combat for the first time which was designed to create the illusion of physical combat without causing harm to other performers.
Brenda Ann Spencer Naturalism and Abstract Drama, Artaud and Stanislavski. Throughout this module students discover who Brenda Ann Spencer was and what she is famous for. Students will focus on the story of Brenda Ann Spencer and investigate how this effected the lives of the people and families involved. They will do this through a variety of styles and genres focusing on the naturalistic acting with abstract techniques.
Of Mice and Men Characterisation, Naturalism and Exploration of Script. During this module students work will focus around the script ‘Of Mice and Men’. Students will get the opportunity to explore the script and develop their skills in regards to creating naturalistic characters that are of a high standard.
Hillsborough Proxemics, Tension, Dialogue and development of Creation skills. This module strives to develop students’ knowledge of creating Drama using a stimulus. Students work will focus on building tension and dialogue to create performances that link to the Hillsborough Disasters.