Year 7

Students in year 7 will aim to develop their knowledge of Geography and practically develop their skills by using maps, globes and compasses. The topics covered are:

Map skills, students will practically develop their use of maps, starting with locating countries and continents on a map and building this into developing travel plans using maps. Scales, this topic allows students to think about the world from several perspectives. Students will learn about global, national, regional and local issues and compare and contrast these issues.

The Geography of India and Japan, students will complete a research project on each of these countries. They will work as a team to produce a presentation to teach the rest of their class.

Tectonic Hazards, this topic focuses on the use of case studies to learn about hazards such as volcanoes and earthquakes.

Rivers and Coast: The causes, impacts and solutions to flooding in The U.K. particularly looking at the River Aire. Students will be challenged to make a decision about how the UK coastline should be protected from erosion.

Year 8

This is a skills based course that enables year 8 students to further develop their key Geography skills from the strong foundation of year 7. Year 8 students will study the world with particular focus on the UK, the Americas and South East Asia.

North American geography; students will explore causes, patterns, impacts and responses tectonic and weather hazards. South American geography; culture, physical geography, rainforest, deforestation and sustainability.

Hot and Cold deserts: explore the difference in extreme environments and how flora and fauna have adapted to survive using specific case studies such as Antarctica, Sahel and Patagonia.

Students will investigate the Urbanisation and the issues and challenges that come with this; overpopulation, migration, regeneration and global population. Students will look to answer the question.