Name Role
Mr S Desborough Curriculum Leader of History
Mr A Barker Teacher of History (NQT)
Mrs F Coulburn Teacher of History

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Year 7

In History year 7 students will develop key Historical skills such as source analysis, interpretation and chronology. We will study the following topics:

1066; in this topic students will research the key battles and individuals involved. They will analyse which individual should win the Battle of Hastings.

Medieval England; this topic looks at the power struggle that took place in medieval England between the Church and the Government. Students will also investigate medieval life for people in England.

War of the Roses; In this topic we will look at using the historical skills we have developed over the course of the year, to analyse the reasons why the War of the Roses happened, study the events and also look at the consequences for the local area and the country as a whole.

Year 8

This is a skills based course that enables year 8 students to further develop their key Historical skills from the strong foundation of Learning Challenge last year.  We will study the following topics;

The Reformation; we will study the role of the Catholic Church in Medieval England and look at the reasons why Henry VIII broke away.

Plague and Fire; we will be looking at two hugely important events in the history of England – The Great Plague and The Great Fire of London.

Industrial Revolution; we will be looking at the developments over the course of the nineteenth century, focusing on the change in living and working conditions for people.

Making of Britain, Colonialisation and slavery; we will be looking at an in-depth study of how Britain has changed over time. We will discuss the impact of colonialization and immigration and look at some of the key events that happened under the British Empire.

Year 9

In year 9 History, students will study some of the most important events of the Twentieth Century before moving on to study the first of the GCSE topics.  We will study;

The First World War; Looking at the reasons for War in 1914 before studying some of the major events of World War One, such as The Battle of The Somme.

The Second World War; We will look briefly at the inter-war years, before analysing the causes of The Second World and again some of the major events that took place, such as The Blitz.

The Holocaust; We will conduct an in-depth investigation into the atrocity that happened during The Second World War. We will study the reasons for this, and ask big questions around how and why it was allowed to happen.

People’s Health; We will begin looking at the first GCSE unit which studies the changes in people’s health from 1250 up until the present day.  This includes looking at themes such as housing, food, living conditions and disease.