Name Role Specialism
Mrs E Cassells Cirriculum Leader of Music Jazz, Brass and Voice
Miss L Eyre Teacher of Music Voice and Woodwind

Peripatetic Lessons

Instrumental lessons are available for all students at a greatly subsidised rate. Students can currently study: guitar, piano, voice, drums, clarinet, saxophone and flute. To get further information about this program please get in touch with the Academy.


At the Music Department in The Ruth Gorse Academy, students learn practical methods of playing and performing music.

In Year 7, students will learn Music from around the world, Singing, Composing with iPad technology, go through a Keyboard Boot Camp, perform a STOMP routine and develop their performing confidence and self belief.

In Year 8, students will learn an appreciation of other cultures and genres. Studies include Popular music studies which starts from the Blues, Composing with iPad technology and Dance Music.

In Year 9, students will learn about Musical Futures – putting all of their skills into practice by creating a Battle of the Bands competition between the whole year group. They will also look at Musical fusions and sample the KS4 music course.

Students will go through processes of practicing, performing and reviewing and learn how to evaluate their own work themselves. This a key part of the culture of the Music Department and students take great pride in their work. All years use iPads in their lessons to record themselves and to help each other improve the quality of their work.


Students are currently preparing for the Christmas show. Later in the year students will be rehearsing and preparing for the Annual Musical theatre production.