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As 2016/2017 will be the first year that RE is taught as a specialist subject both year 8 students and year 9.

RE focuses on 3 main areas: spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, personal development and well-being and community cohesion

The UK has a rich heritage of culture and diversity. This is continuing today in an era of globalisation and an increasingly interdependent world. Religion and belief for many people forms a crucial part of their culture and identity.

Religion and beliefs have become more visible in public life locally, nationally and internationally. The impact of religion on society and public life is constantly brought to public attention through extensive media coverage. Our RE curriculum focuses on all these issues in order for students to see the relevance to their own lives.

As with History and Geography, RE is very much a skills based subject where students will have to develop and sustain an argument based on factual evidence. Students will have the opportunity every single lesson to debate their ideas and form their own opinions.

Students will have the opportunity to study RE in the local area of Leeds to help them develop an understanding of the community that surrounds the academy. They will also consider key ‘big’ questions such as ‘is religion dangerous?’

Year 7

Students in RE will develop their knowledge of the key beliefs of the 6 world religions as well as developing their discussion skills and exploring their own opinions on key issues in RE. The topics studied in year 7 RE are:

Alien Quest, this topic looks into the rules and regulations of society. Student will complete group project work that challenges them to consider what rules we need for society to work harmoniously.

Religious Stories, students will explore the key stories from the 6 world religions such as the Good Samaritan and the Night Journey. Students will be expected to compare and contrast these stories.

Buddhism, students will research the religion of Buddhism and consider how it is different to the other main religions we study.

The Environment, this topic helps student to explore the impact humans are having on the world, they will apply this to religious beliefs about stewardship. During this topic, students will have the opportunity to research case studies about the environment.

Key events, this topic aims to look at key events linked to religion around the world. Northern Ireland, 9/11, civil rights and the Holocaust will be investigated in depth and the role of religion in these events will be evaluated.