Name Role
Mr M Shaw Director of Science
Miss G Porter Assistant Leader of Science
Mr J Tolley Assistant Leader of Science
Dr R Alpin Teacher of Science (NQT)
Mrs N Malik Teacher of Science (NQT)
Mrs S Mir Teacher of Science
Miss E Norton Teacher of Science
Miss L Parish Teacher of Science


STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, this club allows pupils to take on engineering challenges, carry out fun and exciting scientific investigations and learn about where STEM subjects can take them.

Curriculum – Year 7

Solids, liquids and gases
Atoms, elements and compounds
Introduction to energy,
Acids and alkalis
Introduction into electricity
Relationships in ecosystems
Forces and motion
Separating mixtures

Curriculum – Year 8

Periodic table
Simple chemical reactions
Earth’s atmosphere
Extended energy,
Extended electricity,
Chemical reactions

In addition to the knowledge content described above, years 7 and 8 pupils are regularly assessed on their Working Scientifically skills. This is their ability to plan scientific investigations, present and manipulate data and draw conclusions from their own observations and that of others.

Curriculum – Year 9

Students in year 9 start the AQA Trilogy GCSE course which they are examined in at the end of year 11.

This is a three-year course, which allows them time to fully embed, develop and apply the skills and knowledge that are required to be successful in their final Science examinations. Within the course students study Physics, Biology and Chemistry as well as building on the working scientifically skills studied in years 7 and 8.