Curriculum – Units 1 & 2 (50%)

At KS4 students are currently studying the BTEC Music Course. At the end of year 11 the outcomes are in the form of Pass, Merit, Distinction, and Distinction*.

The course can be tailored to each students’ needs 2 of the units being compulsory and 2 choices which will be decided by the member of staff ensuring it meets the needs of the musical skills that the students have.

Unit 1- The Music Industry 25% 1 hour exam.

The content of unit 1 will be taught throughout year 10 and the exam will be taken at the end of year 10. The content of Unit 1 covers jobs within the music industry, events and planning, health and safety and the structure of the music business.

Unit 2- Making a Music Product 25%

Students will work as a group in order to produce a product which they have planned and made such as a CD or a concert.

Other units – 2 x 25%

Each unit studied is assessed and then the score is converted into points which add up to the overall score of the course.

In order to get a pass in a unit the learner must obtain a pass for every aspect of the unit. To obtain a merit in a unit the learner must obtain merits for all aspects of the unit and so on.

The course is not only a great at developing all musical skills, it is great to prepare the learners for work in the music industry or to lead onto a level 3 course at college.

Learners will be supported with free peripatetic instruments for an instrument of their choice and will be expected to keep a diary or rehearsals and skills developed.

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Music
Unit Core Units Assessment Method GHL
1 The Music Industry External 30
2 Managing a Music Product Internal 30
Optional Specialist Units
3 Introducing Live Sound Internal 30
4 Introducing Music Composition Internal 30
5 Introducing Music Performance Internal 30
6 Introducing Music Recording Internal 30
7 Introducing Music Sequencing Internal 30
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Composition skills building. Jobs in the music industry. Performance skills development and looking at Unit 1 in depth. Musical genres and features. Unit 4 and 5 skills development Unit 2-events and performances. Planning and communication. Set works analysis.
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Composition skills building. Start unit 4 composition. Adverts. Unit 1 content learning. Jobs in the music industry. How the music industry works. Unit 1 content Events, performances, planning and communication. Composition completion deadlines. Accessing 8 mark questions. Unit 1 exam final prep. Sit exam Start unit 5. Prepare practise logs and pieces of music chosen for performances.
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Unit 5 performance and performance logs. Unit 2 Organising and taking part in the making of a product. Unit 5 and Unit 2 completion. Final performances Final performances