Level 1 / 2 BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise

Spec/component breakdown

Component 1 Exploring Enterprises (coursework)
Component 2 Planning and Running an Enterprise (coursework)
Component 3 Promotion and Finance for Enterprise (external examination)

Year 9

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Key terms – an introduction to Business Studies

Project 1 – research the skills and personality of successful entrepreneurs

Project 2 – Create your own food retail company

Project 3 – create a business plan and pitch fo investment with a drinks brand

Component 1 Component 1 Component 1 Component 2

Year 10

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Component 3 Component 3 Component 3 Component 2 Component 2 Component 2

Year 11

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Component 2 Component 2 Component 2 N/A N/A N/A

In Business Studies students will learn the skills they will need to start up, run and grow their very own business. Students will learn about how to develop initial business ideas to form their own small business. Students will study a broad range of essential aspects of business along the way including finance, product development, advertising, recruitment and customer service.

Component 1 introduces students to Business Studies as they study the reasons why businesses exist and grow and the different characteristics of businesses of differing sizes. This unit also considers how businesses cater for their customers and includes content on market research, customer service and beating competitors. Students will also study the factors which can influence the performance of a business including both internal factors (such as management, quality of staff and quality of training) to external factors (such as the economy, Brexit and consumer confidence).

Component 2 focuses on developing an initial business idea. Students will come up with their own business idea which they then develop by creating their own business plan. Within the plan students will consider the start up and running costs of the business and their expected incomes to work out a profit forecast. They will chose some premises for the business and consider recruiting staff and advertising their product/service.

Component 3 focuses students on being able to understand business promotion and finance. Students will learn about different types of costs and business revenue to work out profit. Students will develop this knowledge further to study breakeven points, cash flow forecasts, balance sheets and profitability ratios. In addition to this, students will also learn about the promotional mix, targeting groups of customers and factors affecting the choice of promotional methods.

AO1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of elements of promotion and financial records

AO2 Interpret and use promotional and financial information in relation to a given enterprise

AO3 Make connections between different factors influencing a given enterprise

AO4 Be able to advise and provide recommendations to a given enterprise on ways to improve its performance