English Literature AQA

Paper 1: Students will be asked to answer questions on Macbeth by William Shakespeare and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. They will be given an extract to analyse and make links to the rest of the story.

Paper 2: Students will be asked to choose a question to answer on An Inspector Calls by JB Priestley. Additionally they will be answering a question on the Conflict Poetry they have studied, alongside two unseen poems.

English Language EDUQAS

Paper 1: 20th Century fiction reading and creative prose writing. Students will read an extract from a piece of 20th Century literature and answer a series of questions which test their ability to infer details and appreciate writer’s craft. They will also be asked to write a short narrative.

Paper 2: 19th and 21st Century non-fiction reading and transactional/persuasive writing. Students will read two non-fiction pieces of writing and be asked to find information, compare styles and opinions of writers and respond with their own thoughts. They will also be asked to write two pieces of non-fiction writing for a particular audience and purpose.


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