In years 10 and 11 we will continue studying the OCR Schools History Project syllabus.  This involves the following units;

People’s Health

This thematic study should enable learners to understand changes and continuities in public health in Britain from c.1250 to the present. The study should reveal wider changes in aspects of society over the centuries, allowing learners to understand the most significant characteristics of different ages and to make comparisons between different periods of history. The first bullet point in each period requires learners to develop knowledge and understanding of the characteristic features of each period. Learners should be able to identify and describe events, situations and developments in the history of public health in Britain. They should understand the diverse views and experiences of different groups of people in Britain.

The Elizabethans

This depth study should enable learners to understand the complexity of late-Elizabethan society and the interplay of political, religious, economic, social and cultural forces within it. Learners should be able to identify and describe the main features of late-Elizabethan England and should develop an understanding of the diverse lives and experiences of the Elizabethans at a time when political, economic and religious tensions tested the stability of the kingdom.

Life Under Nazi Rule

This world depth study should enable learners to understand the impact of the Nazi dictatorship on people’s lives both within Germany and across occupied Europe. It explores the interplay of political, economic, social, racial and cultural forces at work in these societies.

The Making of America

This period study follows the unfolding narrative of the making of America from the inauguration of the first president in 1789 to the end of the nineteenth century when the USA was set to become the world’s dominant power. Learners will need to understand how and why American territory expanded during these years and the relationship between this expansion and the cultures of indigenous Americans, African Americans and white Americans. Learners should be able to identify, describe and explain events, situations and developments relating to these three cultures and the conflicts that arose between 1789 and 1900. They should study the unfolding narrative through the five sections outlined below. In each of the sections the focus should be on the specific content identified. Learners will not be required to demonstrate an understanding of political events other than ones which relate directly to the identified issues.

History Around Us

We will conduct a study of a local site, Temple Newsam to examine how the site has changed over time.