2 year course. (Equivalent to GCSE 1-9 / A*-G)

Unit 1 – Preparing to cook

  • Portfolio of evidence.

Students will start the course by focusing on basic health and safety in the kitchen. They will learn how to hygienically prepare themselves and the cooking environment. Students will learn to understand the importance of how to prepare and store equipment and utensils. Alongside this students will also learn to understand and follow recipes to demonstrate their cooking skills. They will do this by carrying out practical’s that will be assessed by the teacher to form part of the evidence portfolio.

Unit 2 – Understanding Food

  • Portfolio of evidence

Students will start to look into factors affecting food choice, such as environmental, social and cost factors. Students will be expected to also make informed choices when using food to cook. Again, the students will carry out practical’s which will be assessed by the teacher to form part of the evidence portfolio.

Unit 3 – Exploring Balanced Diets

  • 2 hour exam

Students will cover topics based around the importance of a healthy diet and healthy eating, recommended daily allowances and balanced diets, to prepare them for their exam. There is an opportunity for pupils to re-sit their exam to enable them to get the highest grade.

Unit 4 – Plan and produce dishes in response to a brief

  • Portfolio of evidence

This unit will give learners the opportunity to bring together their knowledge and skills developed throughout the course.  A brief will be set and students will be expected to demonstrate their skills in this final unit. Students will plan their own menu and will have to prepare, make and review the menu and dishes. This will showcase all the skills that students have learnt over the 2 year course.