What assistance can be claimed for?

  • Assistance with the cost of trips / visits
  • Assistance with any other essential costs, as determined by the supporting achievement panel

Who can apply?

  • Students in all year groups
  • Satisfactory attendance
  • A good behaviour record

Consideration will be given to students whose parents/carers meet one or more of the criteria listed below:

  • Eligible for free school meals / pupil premium
  • Experiencing temporary situations which are causing difficulty. For example, recent job loss, bereavement or other serious and unforeseen circumstances

How is it paid?

  • No money is to be paid direct to the parents
  • Agreed financial support will be managed directly by the academy

Which form should I complete?


Applications will be considered by the Principal (Mr Mallinson). The Principal will refer to previous assistance that the student has received, their individual circumstances, and their attendance levels.

It should be noted that there are limited funds available therefore applications for smaller amounts are more likely to be successful than those for large.

It the parent/carer is unhappy with the decision of the Principal, they can appeal in writing within 5 working days to the Executive Principal (Mrs Griffiths). Should the parent/carer be unhappy with the decision of the Executive Principal they can appeal in writing to the Chair of Governors within 5 working days.  The Chair of Governors’ decision is final.

Download the SAF Application Form
Download the FSM Enrichment Remuneration Request Form