As you will be aware, I wrote to you on 14 September to inform you that the bus company we used (Geldards) had gone into administration. You will be pleased to know that from Monday, we have two new companies working with us to provide the same bus routes as we had already set up for this academic year.

Three of our bus routes; red, navy and silver, will now be undertaken by the Square Peg Bus Company. All three of these buses will take the same routes, both to and from the Academy with minor changes to the timings of the silver and red routes.

The silver bus will now run 10 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.

The red bus will now run 10 minutes earlier than originally scheduled.

It is essential that students are at their bus stop in time for the pick-up.

The sky blue bus route will now be undertaken by Hunters Coaches. This service will run as originally planned with no changes.

Below is a photograph of both buses and links to their websites.

All buses will be staffed by the Ruth Gorse Academy Senior Leadership Team and teachers on Monday morning to ensure a smooth transition to the new providers. It is our intention that buses will continue to be supervised in the afternoon by an escort.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the Academy if you have any queries regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely

Principal Rebekah Taylor's digital signature
Mrs R Taylor