Our student leaders

Polaris 8.2 – Head Boy / House Captain


I love PE when we do fitness so my fitness can improve. I adore Science especially when we do practicals.

I play football with my brothers/friends and I like to run with my brothers. School is important to me so that I can get the best jobs possible. I need to learn because I need to be in school or I am missing key things; an example is if you wanted to be a lawyer and we were debating in English you would miss that and wouldn’t know how to do it.

I want to develop my space and measure in Maths and Spag in English. I aspire to be a football player or a judge.

Auriga 8.1 – Head Girl / House Captain


My favourite thing about school is probably all the people here. Sure, the lessons are interesting (and enjoyable) but it’s through these lessons I get to know people more. Whether a friendly chat or some serious group work, I almost always feel like I’ve learnt something new.

My hobbies would include art but mostly manga. I also enjoy singing (just don’t mention the talent show) and what I call “dancing”. I also have a certain video game addiction.

I find school important to me because we are representing someone – Ruth Gorse. All the time I think about her attitude and how we should reflect that. I also feel that to not be at your best under an individual’s name is not fair and so this inspires me to do my best.

At The Ruth Gorse Academy, I want to develop our attitudes. Not just be outstanding in work but be outstanding in our life all day, every day. We may let ourselves down often but as long as we can get back up I think that is still outstanding.

Auriga 8.1 – Deputy Head Boy / House Captain / Student Leader


Hello! My name is Dhruv. My favourite things about school are Science because it is really interesting, PE because it is fun and we get to do sports, meeting new people and the lessons because they are fun. I really like football because it is fun and nice and I like geography.

For extracurricular I do STEM Club and Sports Champions. School is important to me because I learn new and interesting stuff. I would like us to develop clubs so maybe clubs during lunch. In the future I want to go to university then be a footballer, geography teacher or helicopter pilot to name a few.

Auriga 8.1 – Deputy Head Girl / Monitor

My favourite thing about school is knowing all the people in the school and that I can talk with them and also knowing the teachers makes youAlexia-Martin more comfortable being in the school.

I like to swim and to play basketball outside the school. My favourite extra-curricular activities are Cook Off and STEM Club. I like it so much that when we finish it, I do the same things outside school in my home!

I think school is important because we have to learn things then in your future you can be what you want and not have to do a thing you hate because you don’t know how to count!

I want to develop an outstanding attitude to learning in all the classes at The Ruth Gorse Academy. I don’t know yet what I want to be in the future but I know I will be something like a scientist or an engineer.

8.3 Orion – Monitor


My favourite thing about school is all the subjects and learning new things. My hobbies are cooking and doing art. In the future I want to go to college. At The Ruth Gorse Academy I want to develop a safe and happy place.

Orion 8.3 – House Captain


My favourite lessons are PE and Science and I love playing rugby because I stand out from all the other students. I think that The Ruth Gorse Academy is a good and outstanding school with a good reputation.

Pegasus 8.4 – Monitor


I love meeting up with my friends and in extracurricular I do contemporary dance. I would like to get all A’s or B’s in my GCSEs as I would like to be a graphic designer or a dancer and I need to go to university for both of these.

Polaris 8.2 – House Captain

My hobbies are football and rugby and I also like playing sport and video games. My favourite subjects are PE, Learning Challenge and Art. Williamson-Carter-JackSchool is important so when I want to pass my GCSEs and go to college I can actually get in.

I want to make the school a really happy and trouble free place where there is no bullying or trouble makers.

I want to pass my GCSEs and to go college/university and finally be an army engineer.

8.3 Orion – House Captain


I like learning in Maths, Science, Drama and PE. I take part in majorettes on a Wednesday. School is important because it gets people a good
I want to go to college and get good grades to be a success so that I can work with children.education and we learn new things like Spanish. I would like The Ruth Gorse Academy to develop new things like more languages.

Auriga, 8.1 – Monitor

Desai-Ria Hello, my name is Ria Desai and I am a member of the student leadership. My role is a monitor and I help people when they come to visit The Ruth Gorse Academy.

In school I love to see my best friends every day. My best friends are Chloe Smith, Cara Goodridge and Alexia Martin. I love the way teachers help me whenever I’m confused in my work and how I trust them so I don’t have to hide anything.

My hobbies are singing and netball. My career aspirations are to become a singer or a surgeon. School is important because it helps children achieve their dreams. In my opinion I want to add a few lunchtime clubs.

8.2 Polaris – Monitor


My favourite thing about school is that you can show off your abilities and get noticed for your work by teachers. I like reading books and going to the library and also sewing and making things. School is important to me because it helps you to achieve things you think you’re not capable of for example higher levels. I would like to develop clubs like football club, I want to play against other people and represent our school. In the future I would like to be a doctor.

Pegasus 8.4 – House Captain


My favourite thing about school is meeting new friends every day and seeing the teachers help us to learn.

My hobbies are dancing and drawing and my interests are learning about new things. What I do for extracurricular is contemporary dancing and cook off and outside I do dancing.

School is important to me because it helps you to get a good job and a good life. What I want to develop is getting better at Maths for a higher level.
In the future I want to go to college and university to be a vet.

Pegasus 8.4 – House Captain


You learn lots of new things and you make new friends, my favourite lesson is Science and Drama. My hobbies are dancing, cooking and shopping, most of the time I dance at home. School is important to me so I get a better education and learn things that I didn’t know.

I like to help people and try my best at everything so that I can be an outstanding person. I want to go to college and university and get a job in a shop or hair dressers.