Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Scheme provides opportunities for students to represent the Academy in a range of settings both on and off campus including whole school events, meetings with external parties and members of The GORSE Academies Trust. Ambassadors provide support for a range of school activities including outreach and recruitment, mentoring and “buddy” schemes to support other academy students and potential applicants and other activities where their energy and enthusiasm can support the academies work.

Student Ambassadors at Ruth Gorse Academy are democratically elected by their peers to become part of the student voice for the school. The process provides students with an insight into democracy and the importance of preparing influential manifestos. Student Ambassadors from Year 7 through to 10 work alongside the Year 11 prefects to discuss issues raised within the school e.g. uniform, attendance, recycling and facilities within the school.

The vision of the Student Ambassadors is to be the link between the SLT, staff, students and parents for the benefit and positive change of the whole school community.

Mission Statement

The Student voice seeks to build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust with all in the school, and supports the staff, SLT, students and parents in their efforts to create and maintain an environment focusing on education and personal development.

Modern British Values and SMSC are at the forefront of the work Student Ambassadors do to create positive changes, ensuring The Ruth Gorse Academy is adaptable to change for positive outcomes for all students.
An initiative recently run through student voice includes ‘Children Commissioners Takeover Challenge’ where students fully immersed themselves into the role of a staff member at The Ruth Gorse Academy. The day was eventful and thoroughly enjoyed by students, staff members and parents.

Year 11 Prefects

Being a Prefect means being a constant representative in and out of the academy, requiring us to embody the five citizenship strands: caring, resilience, teamwork, going above and beyond, and aspiring to achieve. As a Prefect team, we have had the privilege of bettering our school through various schemes, such as the World Class Schools Quality Mark. It has also given us the opportunity to improve qualities about ourselves for example maturity, organisation and responsibility.

As a way to demonstrate our appreciation for the academy, all Prefects carry out a lunch time duty allowing us to model positive behaviours. Each Prefect also has a link to a subject department which they feel passionate about. Within the subjects, Prefects mentor students, assist on events and promote any schemes e.g. Gorse Gets Healthy. Prefects often lead assemblies on key messages and topics for other members of our community. These assemblies are used to inspire, evoke discussion and to celebrate diversity.

  • We want our students to leave us as responsible citizens who:
  • Make a positive contribution to society
  • Are well prepared for life and work
  • Aspire to achieve in all that they do
  • Appreciate the benefits of diversity and challenge injustice
  • Earn the esteem of others
  • Dare to achieve beyond what they are today

We hope that when we move onto the next steps our education that we will have a long lasting impact on the academy that improves the lives of students to come. We would encourage all students within our school community to strive to work within the prefect team as the opportunity and rewards have certainly made this an experience that as a team we will never forget.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Dylan Ncube – Head Boy
Michelle Igi-Ehon – Head Girl
Chloe Smith – Deputy Head Girl
Dhruv Gopalakrishnan – Deputy Head Boy