Mrs F Loureiro

Behaviour Leader Key Stage 3

Mr A Bell

Behaviour Leader Key Stage 4 and Community Cohesion Officer

Miss E Buttler

Pastoral Officer Year 7

Mrs C Sterland

Inclusion & Safeguarding Officer Year 7

Mr D Hancock

Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer for Year 8

Miss Z Burlison

Academic Progress Leader Year 8

Miss A Shaw

Inclusion & Safeguarding Officer Year 9

Miss E Strangeway

Inclusion and safeguarding Officer for Year 9

Mrs M Khan

Academic Progress Leader Year 9

Miss V Brown

Pastoral Officer Year 10

Mr R Widdop

Inclusion and safeguarding Officer for Year 10

Miss C Loveday

Academic Progress Leader Year 10

Mrs A Bromley

Pastoral Officer Year 11

Miss A Dryden

Inclusion & Safeguarding Leader Year 11

Miss C Barker

Academic Progress Leader Year 11

Mrs K Cawood

Student Councillor

Mrs K Noon

Attendance Lead

Miss S Horne

Attendance Officer Year 7

Miss S Morris

Attendance Officer Year 9

Miss E Lockey

Attendance Officer Year 10

Mrs L Hoult

Attendance Officer Year 11