The Pastoral Team

/The Pastoral Team

Mrs L Flower

Assistant Principal

Mrs J Holden

Assistant Principal / Designated Senior Leader

Mrs E Norton

Assistant Principal

Mr A Moncur

Assistant Principal

Mr W Shuttleworth

Assistant Principal

Mrs F Coulborn

Head of Year 7/Transition

Miss V Brown

Year 7 Pastoral Officer

Mr B Plummer

Head of Year 8

Miss A Shaw

Year 8 Pastoral Officer

Miss E Williamson

Head of Year 9

Miss G Hallas

Year 9 Pastoral Officer

Miss C Barker

Head of Year 10 / Teacher of English

Miss A Dryden

Year 10 Pastoral Officer & Child Protection Officer

Miss C Loveday

Head of Year 11 / Teacher of Drama

Mr A Bell

Year 11 Pastoral Officer & Child Protection Officer