Leadership Team
Pastoral Team
Designated Child Protection Officer
Transition Team
Attendance Team

Sir John Townsley

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs L Griffiths

Executive Principal: 11-16 Education

Mrs R Taylor


Mr M Cornfoot

Vice Principal

Mrs L Moore

Vice Principal / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss H Brand

Senior Assistant Principal (Maternity Leave)

Mr A Moncur

Senior Assistant Principal

Mrs L Flower

Assistant Principal

Mrs C Murray

Assistant Principal

Miss V Brown

Year 7 Pastoral Officer

Mrs C Sterland

Year 7 Pastoral Officer

Miss A Shaw

Year 8 Pastoral Officer

Miss E Williamson

Head of Year 10

Ms Z Bibi-Khaliq

Year 9 Pastoral Officer

Miss C Barker

Head of Year 11 / English

Miss A Dryden

Year 10 Pastoral Officer / Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss C Loveday

Head of Year 7 / Drama

Mrs K Cawood

Student Councillor

Mrs L Hoult

Attendance Officer

Miss S Morris

Attendance Officer

Miss G Hallas

Attendance Officer

Miss S Horne

Attendance Officer