The Duke of York “Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award” (IDEA) was launched in 2017 with the aim of becoming a tech version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, helping young people to stand out from the crowd by developing digital enterprise and employability skills. Students work independently, completing tasks online that gain badges. Each badge is worth a certain number of points. In the Bronze Award, students must achieve 250 points to gain the certificate. Silver Award badges are more demanding, and students need at least 400 points to complete the certificate. In Computing lessons, Year 7 and 8 students are required to complete 50 points per term as part of their homework, providing a worthwhile learning opportunity. All progress is recorded in the IDEA “Record of Progress” which students will be able to take with them to demonstrate their IT skills when they leave TRGA.

Students can work on the IDEA site both at home and at school. Students can logon by visiting and logging on with their school email address (ending in They should have their login details written in their planners.

In both Bronze and Silver, badges are divided into categories which students can complete, based on their interests. They can achieve between 10 and 30 points for each badge, depending on the complexity of the task.