The Great GORSE Spelling Bee competition has officially started across all Academies within The GORSE Academies’ Trust. As part of our ongoing commitment and passion for improving the standard of our students’ literacy, all students from Year 5 (within our Primary Academies) to Year 10 (within our Secondary Academies) have been partaking in the competition.

It is our hope that the Spelling Bee will help to generate healthy rivalries across the Trust with students becoming passionate about their Academy winning the coveted Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 trophy. Furthermore, it is our aim to promote and enhance students’ enthusiasm for literacy and to improve their overall attainment as a result.

The competition is running for a four week period, with each week representing a new tier in the competition’s structure, leading to a live grand finale. All students within Years 7-10 have had the opportunity to represent their Academy.

The competition runs as follows:

  • Week One – the week commencing Monday 27th February:  All forms (in Years 7-10) compete in a 25-word spelling test. The five students with top marks from each form go through to Week Two.
  • Week Two- the week commencing Monday 6th March:  All top five spellers take a 20-word spelling test as part of a sudden-death format.  The top speller from each form goes through to Week Three.
  • Week Three- the week commencing Monday 13th March:  All form finalists compete until there is one person representing each year group. The quarter finals are live streamed into classrooms across the Academy to build support and further enthusiasm.
  • Week Four- the Live Final, Thursday 23rd March: to be held at The Ruth Gorse Academy from 4.00pm until 6.30pm. Year group finalists will battle it out for the title of top speller against their peers from across the Trust.

We hope that you will share our enthusiasm for the competition and would love it if you could represent your Academy at the Live Final Event. If you would like to enquire about tickets, please contact your Academy’s Spelling Bee Coordinator for more information.

Bruntcliffe Academy- Miss. H. Dixon-Connor or Mrs. R. Hall.

The Farnley Academy- Mr. E. Flood.

The Morley Academy- Miss. V. Spencer.

The Ruth Gorse Academy- Miss A. Cruddace.

Good luck to all of our student spellers.

Miss H. Dixon-Connor.

Literacy and Communications Coordinator- The GORSE Academies Trust.