The pastoral support of all our students is of a paramount importance. For students to realise their potential they must feel happy, safe, supported and respected in their school environment.

The Ruth Gorse Academy has a dedicated team of experienced pastoral leaders who will provide extensive support to all students and parents/carers to ensure the highest standard in pastoral care is provided.

We encourage that students and parents inform form tutors in the first instance with any issues of a pastoral nature. The tutor would then inform the most relevant pastoral leader to deal further with any unresolved issues.

Mr A Moncur

Senior Assistant Principal

Mrs L Flower

Assistant Principal

Mrs C Murray

Assistant Principal

Miss V Brown

Year 7 Pastoral Officer

Mrs C Sterland

Year 7 Pastoral Officer

Miss A Shaw

Year 8 Pastoral Officer

Miss E Williamson

Head of Year 10

Ms Z Bibi-Khaliq

Year 9 Pastoral Officer

Miss C Barker

Head of Year 11 / English

Miss A Dryden

Year 10 Pastoral Officer / Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss C Loveday

Head of Year 7 / Drama

Mrs K Cawood

Student Councillor