Our wonderful Year 10 cohort of Graphics students had the opportunity to visit some of London’s most exciting Museums. The day consisted of two visits, one to the Victoria and Albert Museum and one to the Design Museum. The purpose of this trip was to enable students to collect primary research to aid their Graphics or Textiles coursework. All the staff and students had an amazing time and will look forward to other exciting trips planned throughout the year.

Miss C Ramsden

“This year I had the chance to go to the London and see the two greatest design museums in the world. The two museums that we went to see were the Victoria Albert museum and the London design museum both were an incredible experience. This was my first time going to this museum and I believe I have the design and technology department to thank for that. The London design museum was very important to me as it give me a lot of ideas for my final design. Many of the designs that I saw there were very intriguing and different, this is potentially why they caught my attention as a lot of the designs were hybrid and fitted in with what we were currently doing in lesson”

M.I. – Year 10

“Both the Design Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum gave me high amount of inspiration to move forward on my coursework. The Design Museum was the museum that gave the most inspiration, due to the amount of detail in the artist work. The Victoria and Albert Museum showed me a lot of courage to go ahead with making a garment to my final design piece. Both museums were a great experience for everyone who went on the trip as it helped us and opened our eyes to what we actually want to do as part of our design technology coursework”

K.H. – Year 10