Students from all year groups went on visits to the University of Leeds to learn about the range and types of courses they could study post 18. Students from the university talked to them about what university life is like, both academically and socially. They also explained about funding and a few mentioned that for many of them that they were the first people in their family to go to university. The students were positive about how it had raised their aspirations and given them something to aim for. A selection of their comments are below.

The University staff commented on how well the students listened and said they were really impressed with the questions they were asking throughout the day.

Having been on the day it has made me even more positive that l want to go to university
Chloe B
I learnt that there are specialist universities and Leeds is in the top 20
It inspired me to create a brighter future for myself
Chloe R
Great to see all the great facilities available
There is more to university than just studying
Chloe S