I would like to introduce the Key Stage 3 Extended Project for 2019/2020. This project is targeted at pupils who are achieving well but who need an extra challenge to broaden their thinking. For the children selected for this project, it provides a fantastic opportunity to extend their learning by perusing a topic or activity that they have a particular interest in. This could range from Science and Computing through to Media and History.

This Extended Project is a chance for Year 8 Pupils at The Ruth Gorse Academy to be independent in their learning. They will choose an area/topic to focus on and explore a question that they have created themselves based on thorough research. Working closely with both myself and a subject specific mentor within school, pupils will research and form their project in any way that they see fit. This could be a model, display board, a written report as well as whole range of other ways to present their findings.

The project will conclude with some form of completed written work summarising the findings and consolidating pupils’ learning. Pupils will then be given the opportunity to share their fantastic work with parents/carers as well as other teaching members of staff, SLT and fellow peers at school.

This style of project is often used in A level courses and universities to demonstrate key skills such as independent learning. This project is also a unique opportunity for pupils to showcase their passion for a particular topic. Above all, the Extended Project is here to challenge pupils and to push their progress above and beyond what they might be achieving in school already.

I am very excited for this project – I know all of our pupils who undertake this project will do amazingly!

I greatly look forward to sharing with you some of the completed projects towards the end of the Academic Year.

– Miss. Burlison