The parent/carer consultation provides an opportunity for you to meet subject teacher to discuss your child’s progress, achievement and attitude to learning. To allow sufficient time for appointments, your child will be asked to make appointments with their subjects teachers for either Tuesday 1st March or Tuesday 8th March, depending on their form group.

Tuesday 1st March – Auriga, Noctua, Pegasus & Cygnus

Tuesday 8th March – Orion, Phoenix, Polaris & Centaurus

Your child will be given a letter on Monday 8th February, which will contain more details about the evening and an appointment booking sheet. Your child will be expected to make appointments on your behalf so we ask you to discuss this with them before they make any appointments.

I write to you to reinforce the expectations for students travelling on our buses and make clear that should your son/daughter fail to comply with the expectations, policies or procedures outlined in this letter, the privilege will be removed with immediate effect.